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Side Entry Agitator

Used in process and storage tanks such as silos.

The bottom side entry agitators are used in process and storage tanks in the applications of the food-processing industry. The main application is agitation of low viscosity products like wine, oil, milk, beer, alcohol, etc. in large volume tanks. Side entry agitators work efficiently when a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering agitator or where headroom is severely limited. Supporting a top-entering agitator on a large tank is often far more expensive than the installation of a side-entering agitator. Long shafts on extremely tall tanks can be eliminated for cost savings and design simplicity. For large tank installations, several smaller side-entering agitators may be more efficient and economical than a single, larger unit.

Economical for use in large volume tanks

Robust and sanitary design

Easy maintenance

The propeller fixed to the shaft by means of a threaded connection and a gasket

Marine propeller

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