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Spinner & Rotary Impingement Tank Cleaning Device

Reduce your cleaning time and chemicals with an efficient and economical tank cleaning device.

Compared with the simplest design — namely the static (as in, non-rotating) spray ball — the spinner cleans far more effectively and produces vastly superior cleaning outcomes. Yet thanks to its unique design the spinner uses considerably less water and chemicals to do its job, giving you much better results while helping to keep your costs down and also putting less strain on the environment.

Ideal for large tanks requiring significant throw lengths from the nozzle and/or cleaning difficult residues, Rotary Impingement Tank Cleaning Devices use concentrated cleaning jets or fans that rotate within two planes to provide a complete orbital spray pattern for tank cleaning. These nozzles are driven by the cleaning liquid flowing through an internal turbine or gear which rotates the nozzle at a controlled speed. The concentrated spray jets utilized by these styles of nozzles maximize the impact force from the available flow rate/pressure.

Superior cleaning results - ideal for cleaning moderate to heavy soils

Increased Operator Safety

Highest reliability and shortest downtime

Reduced total cost of ownership

360° Coverage


Low fluid consumption

Hygienic design

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