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Providing services geared towards high quality production in full respect of the aseptic systems and regulations

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The Aseptic Process

Aseptic processing is one of the most challenging tasks within pharmaceutical and food industries. There are a wide range of human and equipment factors for keeping the process sterile and compliant.

Sterile Products may be broadly classified into two main categories, according to the manner in which they are produced: those which are sterilized after the product has been filled and sealed in the final container(s) ("terminally sterilized" products) and those where the sterilization stage (or stages) takes place before the bulk product is filled. In this latter instance (‘’Aseptic Processing’’), all subsequent processing (typically, the filling and sealing operations) must be conducted aseptically in order to prevent recontamination of the sterilized product.

Meet your clean and aseptic
process specialist

Discover our custom-made solutions and modular sanitary equipment. We join forces with our expert partners to develop, design and integrate proven solutions.

Tailor-made innovation is our identity!

Jetequip delivers engineering services and products to satisfy Customer requirements that concern aseptic processes and high purity technologies by designing with dedicated equipment, components, and systems. We provide a mix of products and services geared towards high quality production, while respecting aseptic systems regulations. Jetequip is your reference for your needs in aseptic process systems and equipment, tank design, accessories as well as your single-use systems.

To achieve aseptic process, Jetequip offers the following products and services:

  • Fully engineered solutions & systems
  • Piping design with zero dead legs for better fluid management
  • Total drainability design which allows for fast drying
  • Fast and efficient cleaning system design
  • Hybrid assemblies combining stainless steel and single-use products
  • Sterilized in place or gamma irradiated components
  • Blanketing & Sparging process know-how
  • Comprehensive documentation package