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Pumping Mixing Cleaning

Process design and integration

We will support you from concept to completion of the final solution. For decades, we have built our reputation on providing innovative customized solutions that meet your requirements.


  • System specification and design

  • Project management and distribution

  • Detailed engineering

  • PLC programming and HMI development

  • Start-up and commissioning

  • Instrumentation

  • Electrical installation

  • Calibration

Custom mixing systems

During the last 20 years, through our work with multiple innovative partners, we have become experts in mixing techniques such as stirring, dispersing, dissolving, homogenizing and hydrating. With the help of numerous partners who worked with us, we were able to develop our expertise.

We offer laboratory testing to develop or scale-up your mixing process.

Through those numerous projects, we acquired the following skills:

  • Performing tests in laboratories or in a pilot plant to qualify a technology
  • Injecting ingredients in liquids
  • Continuously dosing ingredients
  • Operator working ergonomics
  • Handling ingredients
  • Recipe control and reports generation
  • Clean-in-place and hygienic design
  • Process repeatability

Cleaning systems

Each design of cleaning systems has it’s own particularity.

Whether they are fixed or mobile, our cleaning in place systems are optimized to perform according to certain factors like product’s temperature, viscosity, chemical property, and the volume to clean.

While being modular, we can adapt our cleaning systems to every need, from manual injection to high performance automated machines.

Modular Systems

Jetequip’s expertise goes beyond suggesting equipment: we also integrate our solution as a whole. If any component does not fully meet your requirements, Jetequip will make it work.

Examples of cases where we had to modify some equipment:

  • Inadequate cleanability
  • Interference or issue of space
  • Complex equipment dismantling
  • Cases in which no solutions were offered on the market
  • Lack of process quality


The value of Jetequip’s automation service resides in the outstanding communication between engineering and the automation team.

Because we undertake a project in it’s entirety, it’s easy for us to implement the automation according to the client needs.

Our service includes:

  • PLC and HMI programming
  • Instruments configuration and VFD
  • Pneumatic control
  • anufacturing and installation of electrical panels
  • Equipment start-up


While working closely with our partners, we offer custom stainless steel and aluminum processing equipment.

Thanks to this partnership, we offer a full service with added value.

Here are some exemples of products that we can manufacture: 

  • Tanks
  • Plateforms
  • Piping
  • Vessels
  • Mobile carts 
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