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Our success is based on the know-how of a team of experts, nourished by pride, passion, and the will to innovate, for more than 110 years.

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From experience to expertise

It was in 1987 that the engineer Alain Pronovost acquired Jetequip, a company specializing in the distribution of equipment for the dairy processing industry and that he then acquired an in-depth knowledge of the different production chains of sanitary processes Relying on the practice and expertise of its founder, a Quebec leader in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cosmetic industry, Jetequip is quickly becoming a reference in the design and integration of clean process systems, in addition to being a major distributor of sanitary equipment.

Our success is based on the know-how of a team of experts, nourished by pride, passion, and the will to innovate, for more than 110 years.

When innovation has a name

Know-how, experience, and skills are the foundations that led to the creation of Pronovo Solution, a division of Jetequip specializing in single-use solutions. Thanks to a close collaboration with its many renowned partners, Pronovo Solution quickly became a leading distributor of aseptic equipment and an expert in the design and implementation of customized solutions. The development of the NOVOMiX, a single-use mixing system by recirculation in a bag, combined with the use of the Quattroflow low-shear pump, demonstrates the innovative nature of its team and its ability to offer solutions adapted to the needs of its customers.

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A competent and creative team, excellent for special “custom” projects. I definitely recommend Jetequip.


Values rooted in our DNA

Jetequip advocates a collaborative approach that leverages each other's knowledge and strengths to realize your projects and foster joint success. Our actions are guided by entrenched values and our desire to offer our customers sustainable equipment and unique solutions.


Jetequip favors a transparent business relationship, focused on the respect of its commitments and the satisfaction of its customers. Attentive and accessible, we create authentic links, based on integrity, trust and attention to detail. We always strive to provide our customers with an exceptional experience by offering them reliable and customized solutions as well as equipment that meets the highest manufacturing standards in the industry.


We take full responsibility for our actions and provide our customers with various equipment and solutions that meet industry standards, and safe and optimized single-use systems for different production lines. The reputation of our company is based on the excellence of our products and the experience gained over the years.


Our team is constantly looking for ingenious and innovative solutions to offer our customers simplified and improved processes to support them in their work. We are stimulated by the development of new products and systems that will allow them to optimize their production chain and reduce their manufacturing costs.

Customer satisfaction

Wishing to develop long-term relationships with its customers, Jetequip places them at the center of its interactions. To ensure their satisfaction, our team is committed to delivering, within the agreed deadlines, solutions of superior quality. We keep our customers informed throughout the process and support them throughout their process, from development to final implementation.

Meet your clean and aseptic
process specialist

Discover our custom-made solutions and modular sanitary equipment. We join forces with our expert partners to develop, design and integrate proven solutions.

Completed Projects

From the initial need to the completion of the project, see for yourself the extent of expertise of the Jetequip team in designing innovative and highly effective custom-made solutions.

Single use mixing system - NOVOMiX

Features a Quattroflow Quaternary (Four-Piston) Diaphragm Pump used to circulate liquids and solids inside a mixing bag to achieve the necessary mix and dilution rates, all with a very low shear rate and in an optimized timeframe. Mixing Volume from 1L to 500L.

Pharmaceutical Preparation System and Clean-in-Place System (CIP)

Manufacture of injectable products sterilized by filtration in an environment classified as explosion proof. The project had to ensure the integrity of the product during its manufacture, as it was sensitive to oxygen and UV rays.

Pasteurization system

Allows powders to be mixed in liquids and heat-treated the mixture to reduce the number of microorganisms. The final product is used in the manufacture of sterile sampling bags containing swabs designed for sampling to detect the presence of biological contamination on working surfaces in the food industry.

Mayonnaise and salad dressing manufacturing system

With a capacity of 1,000Kg/h, this project allows the manufacture of several oil and/or water-based products, whether for the rapid preparation of premixes, hydration of thickening or stabilizing agents or the preparation of water-oil emulsion like mayonnaise.

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