Process Scale-Up

Design, planning and implementation of scaling projects according to process parameters.

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We do Process Scale-up / scale-down

Process Scale-Up deals with a subject both fascinating and vitally important for both the Food and Pharmaceutical industries. The procedures of transferring the results of R&D obtained on laboratory scale to the pilot plant and finally to production scale is vital.

With our extensive knowledge, Jetequip can make sure that you get a successful startup and operation of a commercial size unit whose design and operating procedures are in part based upon experimentation and demonstration at a smaller scale of operation.

Meet your clean and aseptic
process specialist

Discover our custom-made solutions and modular sanitary equipment. We join forces with our expert partners to develop, design and integrate proven solutions.

Our expertise for Process Scale Up

At Jetequip, we offer comprehensive engineering and testing lab services for safer process scaling up of batch, semi-batch, and continuous processes.

Areas of expertise include the following topics:

  • Selection and validation of process equipment required to meet your operating process parameters.
  • Complete system design considering the limits for mixing, heat transfer, temperature, pressure, amount of shear required and other critical parameters.
  • Determination of critical process challenges
  • Development of customized solutions to meet your requirements
  • Cleanability (CIP) is considered through all steps of the equipment and system design.
  • Onsite or offsite review of existing process parameters
  • Design and set-up of a bench top system for Proof of Concept.