All pumps

Jetequip offers various sanitary pump technology to manage the transfer of your products of multiple nature in various conditions.

Positive displacement pumps

The positive displacement pumps of our wide selection are designed to optimally meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, and cosmetic industries.

Centrifugal Pumps

See the many benefits of our centrifugal, self-priming and shear pumps, designed to specifically meet your needs in a wide variety of applications.

Dosing pumps

We offer you a wide choice of dosing pumps, which meet all your requirements in a wide variety of applications, including for the treatment of corrosive, abrasive, and fragile products.

Diaphragm pumps

Versatile and efficient, Quattroflow™ pumps are perfectly adapted to the requirements of processes of multiple applications and designed to offer you impeccable results.

Drum drains and barrel pumps

Designed for products of low to high viscosity, systems and pumps in this category come in different configurations and offer increased operational flexibility.

Innovative pumps

Discover our multi-purpose or single-use pumps, which integrate optimally into the different processes. Also note that we are an equipment distributor of accessories and spare parts for several pump manufacturers.

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