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Eccentric Disc Pump

Sanitary pump with strong suction and dry running capability to gently and effectively move product, featuring a seal-free design.

Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps have been designed for use in a wide range of pumping applications in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, all of which require extremely hygienic operations. They feature a unique seal-less design with a double stainless-steel bellows that ensures durability, safety and product containment.

The result is a pump that delivers very high suction and discharge pressures that allow it to self-prime and fully strip lines, a critical consideration when maximizing product recovery.

Eccentric Disc design allows for consistent flow and improved energy savings

Extremely gentle, pulse-free flow to protect shear sensitive products

Reduced maintenance with no mechanical seals or timing gears

Easy to install

Clean in place (CIP) and Sterilize in place (SIP) for the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness

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