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Drum Pump

Sanitary vertical progressive cavity pump for transfering media of either high or low viscosity from barrels and containers.

Our drum pumps are hygienic vertical progressive cavity pumps.

They are specially designed to transfer media of either high or low viscosity from tanks and barrels by means of a pump tube introduced into the drum.

Some of the most important applications of this pump type is transferring of fruit concentrates for the beverage production, tomato concentrate for the ketchup production, transferring of creams, honey and other media of high viscosity. Pumping is characterized by a gentle transfer of media with shear sensitive particles.

Easy cleaning and product changeover

Operational flexibility: Simply plug in the pump to be transferring in minutes

Easy mobility

Flow rates up to 7 GPM (27 LPM)

Recommended maximum viscosity of 5,000 cps

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