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Diaphragm pump

Dosing pump to meter small doses of low viscosity and/or corrosive products.

The simple and reliable diaphragm dosing pump is designed for dosing liquid additives, disinfectant products (acid, soda, detergent...) for cleaning in place applications. The pump is composed of a membrane connected to a piston which alternating movement successively fills and empties the pumphead.

The backward movement of the membrane opens the bottom check valve and allows the entry of fluid, which fills the pumphead.

The forward movement of the movement closes the bottom check valve, opens the top check valve and expels the dose.

Simple and robust construction

  • The pump is driven by a direct mounted light alloy motor with IP55 protection.
  • The casing is made of cast aluminium alloy.
  • The bearings are greased for life, making the motors maintenance-free
  • The pumphead is easy to remove and change.



  • Reliability of metering.(accuracy +/1%)
  • The stroke adjustment mechanism can be locked in position to ensure that stroke length remains at its set point.



  • Pumpheads are available in many material combinations. It consists of 1 suction check valve, 1 discharge check valve, 1 liquid end body.
  • Dry-running.

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