Heat Transfer

All heat exchangers

Incorporating the latest advances in hygienic design practices, our heat exchangers are designed to meet your most stringent performance requirements and the highest sanitary and aseptic standards.

Plate Heat Exchangers

It is thanks to our years of experience in the industry and our in-depth understanding of your needs that we can offer you these heat exchangers, the perfect balance between energy efficiency, optimal performance, and reliability.

Modified geometry tubular exchangers

The innovative design of these exchangers increases the durability and material resistance to failure. Without moving parts, the unit is easy to operate and maintain.

Shell & Tube Heat exchangers

Compliant with ASME and TEMA standards, Shell and Tube heat exchangers are available in different designs to suit the needs of the food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Service, Repair, and Parts

Heat exchangers are essential to many critical operations. Protect them! Call Jetequip for on-site maintenance or inspection. Also take advantage of our various services offered in the workshop for the replacement, cleaning, or refurbishment of your equipment.

Advanced design for increased performance

The quality of our products exceeds the highest sanitary and aseptic standards. The heat exchangers offered by Jetequip are designed with the latest advances in hygienic design practices to meet your highest process performance requirements.

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