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Service, Repair, and Parts

Protect your investment and regain maximum energy efficiency.

Protect your investment and stop wasting money

Heat exchangers are essential to many critical operations. Due to their difficulty in maintenance, they are often neglected. Their propensity for fouling significantly increases the risk of unplanned shutdown and catastrophic failure. In addition to complete failure, the time leading up to the failure can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted energy consumption.

Protect your investment and stop wasting money. Inspection and upkeep are the only ways to protect your equipment and reduce operating cost. Jetequip offers preventative maintenance, on-site services and complete rebuild services to ensure that your heat exchanger is operating at peak efficiency.

Plate and Gasket Rebuild Services:

In-shop Services

  • Plate pack refurbishment or replacement
  • Re-gasketing
  • Comprehensive plate cleaning services
  • Frame refurbishment
  • NDT Dye testing for cracks and defects
  • Entire unit refurbishment (sandblasting, repainting, assembly and hydro test of units)

On-site Services

  • Plate pack installation
  • Pressure washing
  • Re-gasketing
  • Equipment testing and maintenance

Jetequip offers a wide range of gaskets and materials to fit most makes and models of plate heat exchangers.


Manufacturers Materials
●      APV

●      Alfa Laval

●      Tranter

●      ITT

●      Sondex

●      GEA

●      SWEP

●      Paul Muellar

●      API Schmid Bretton

●      and many more

●      Nitrile

●      EPDM

●      TEFC

●      Viton


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