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Peristaltic Pump

Pump that provides the easiest maintenance on the market. Ideal for corrosive, abrasive and fragile products.

Our pump range offers a large choice of low pressure and high-pressure food grade peristaltic pumps, including pumps for corrosive, abrasive and fragile products. What’s more, reduced Life Cycle Costs mean that you’ll get the very best value from your equipment at every stage of its life, from conception to maintenance costs.

The hose is the only part that is in contact with the product, meaning it’s the only part that’ll get worn.

Seal-less design

Self-Priming System

Pump can be used with acidic or basic products without any danger of corrosion

Perfect for delicate products

Pump can cope with solid particles and dry matter


Dry running is possible, without any risk of damage.

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