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Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter

Single-Use Coriolis Mass Flow Sensors for measuring liquids in bio-pharmaceutical

Sumoflo® Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter® Coriolis

The Sumoflo® single-use flow meter is specially designed for high purity applications. Available in several sizes, it is entirely made of unreinforced Polyether ether ketone (PEEK), or high performance thermoplastic polymers. It is composed of two parts, a disposable sensor and an electronic component. The Sumoflo® Coriolis flow meter measures the total mass of fluids and their temperature with an unrivalled accuracy of ± 1%.

  • The world’s only gamma-sterilizable Coriolis mass flow meter
  • Supports flow rates ranging from 7 g/min to 100 kg/min
  • Independent reading of fluid properties, flow regime and variations in flow velocity profile.

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