Instrumentation / Temperature

Resistance thermometers (RTD’s) & Thermowell

Cable connected or built-in connection head, optional temperature transmitter. Welded or TC connectable probe.

Resistance thermometers are equipped with platinum sensor elements which change their electrical resistance as a function of temperature. In our range of products, you will find resistance thermometers with connected cable as well as versions with connection head. A temperature transmitter can be installed directly in the connection head. Resistance thermometers are suitable for applications between -200 ... +600 °C (-328 °F … 1,112 °F - dependent on the instrument model, sensor element, accuracy class and materials coming into contact with the medium).

In addition, thermowells/protection tubes are used with demanding operating conditions both in solid-machined versions from bar stock material and in fabricated versions with tubular design. The variants offered differ mainly in their designs; with flanges, threaded or for welding in. Furthermore, all connections for sanitary applications and also thermowells in solid-machined design are available without weld seams.

Dead space free

Hygienic design

Materials and surface finish qualities in accordance with standards of hygienic design

Material and surface finish qualities in accordance with pharmaceutical industry directives and standards

Flush measurement, no invasive elements available

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