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Mixing Tanks

Variety of stainless steel custom built mixing vessels in accordance to customer requirements.

In partnership with our selected manufacturers, Jetequip is proud to offer tailor-made solutions for your mixing tank needs for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. When you are looking for a tank that effectively mixes powders and suspended solids, at low or high shear, or which gently agitates your products, we will be here to help you with your planning and project development. We can support you from design, manufacturing, installation to commissioning.

When contacting us for a mixing tank, here are some of the basics required to start your project:

  • Capacity and tank under pressure or atmospheric
  • Single wall or thermal jacket for heating or cooling
  • Insulation required with exterior stainless-steel cladding
  • Type of mixture required: emulsion, dissolution, particle size reduction, dispersion, suspension, hydration
  • Mobile or fixed tank
  • Surface finish requirements
  • Accessories and instrumentation required


Our strength: 

  • Thoughtful design: Optimized tank geometries - Vortex required or not - Minimum volume required - Product sensitive to aeration - Foaming product - Phase separation - And more
  • Multiple Mixing Styles: Tank holds up to three mixers
  • Product Integrity: Wide range of mixers allowing the product integrity respect
  • Hygienic design: Elimination of dead legs - 3D simulation cleaning device coverage - For manual washing or CIP cleaning in place
  • Optimization of the methods of adding ingredients: Adding directly to the tank - Using a vacuum system - Using a recirculation system - Rapid removal of lumps and agglomerates - Recovery of volatile powders

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