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Top Entry Batch Mixer

Multi-purpose high shear mixer to perform the widest variety of applications in tanks.

A high shear batch mixer doesn't simply mix; it emulsifies, homogenizes, solubilizes, suspends, disperses and disintegrates solids. Each mixer, with its precision-engineered rotor/stator workhead, far outperforms conventional mixers, cutting processing times by up to 90%, improving quality, product consistency and process efficiency. The advantages of high shear rotor/stator batch mixer over simple conventional stirrers or agitators stem from the multistage mixing/shearing action as materials are drawn through the specially designed workhead - the heart of every machine.

Mobile configuration to serve multiple tanks available

On tank fixed installation for atmospheric or pressurized vessel available

Process from 1 to 8000 gallons

Eliminate agglomerates and fish eyes

Create stable emulsions and suspensions

Reduce particle size

Rapidly dissolve solids

Accelerate reactions

Meet your clean and aseptic
process specialist

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