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Bearing-Less Fully Levitating Mixer

Perfect for shear sensitive products while offering the highest level of aseptic design.

For Low Shear Applications The Truelev Mixer is an astonishing breakthrough in mixing technology, eliminating all known shortcomings of previous mixer designs in one giant technological leap! The revolutionary design with its bearing-less fully levitating Mix Head is perfect for shear sensitive products. Truelev offers unique control and measuring capability that can be leveraged in all critical process vessels. True Eliminator of Risks Without either wear parts that need maintenance nor moving parts in the motor that wear - This unique design results in an extremely secure system, promoting production uptime and minimizing service and maintenance efforts simply by its design. A Free-Floating Mixer Without Bearings The revolutionary fully levitating bearing-less technology, built into the mixer keeps the Mix Head floating free in space, causing no shear damage to the product as traditional bearing technologies that use the mixed liquid product as a bearing lubricant do. This technology not only enables great mixing performance but keeps your sensitive product safe from harm. Superior Mixing Control An advanced monitor and control system is integrated into the mixer to ensure optimal performance at all times. The system provides a new level of process control for mixers. The collected real-time mixer performance date is valuable both for mixer control but also for process application optimization. This is a new and unique tool for our customers not available on any other mixer platform.

No bearing

No wear parts

Only stainless steel in product contact

No moving parts in the Drive Unit

Highest level of aseptic design

Super mixing and operating control

High-efficiency Mix Head design

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