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Low Shear Inline Dynamic Mixer

Perfect for mixing fragile and sensitive ingredients containing solids or fibers.

The Dosymix™ inline mixer is perfect for fragile and sensitive ingredients containing solids or fibers. It’s also ideal for mixing products with different viscosities or different proportions, using either pulsed or continuous flow. The Dosymix™ dynamic mixer preserves the most important asset in your production line: the ingredients. Thanks to the body design, with twin helixes in opposite directions welded to an impeller, an upward and downward flow is created for gentle mixing of ingredients and accurate distribution of mixed product. The Dosymix™ is 3A-compliant (American standards) to ensure a better cleaning efficiency during Cleaning In Place and/or Sterilization In Place PCM knows that your ingredients are your most important assets. That’s why their inline dynamic mixers are designed to reduce loss and preserve your ingredients’ texture.

Ideal for shear sensitive product

Hygienic design. No removable parts, Cleaned in place (CIPable)

Low internal volume

Multiple outlet ports configuration available

Special screw profiles: Produce a uniform mixture without shear to preserve product’s texture

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