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Colloid Mill

High hydraulic shear for stable emulsions of immiscible liquids.

Colloid mills have a wide range of applications. They can always be used when it is necessary to grind substances precisely and with reproducible results at the same time as mixing them. The milling gear of a colloid mill exerts hydraulic and mechanical cutting, impact, squeezing, friction and shear forces. The phases are ground and mixed with considerable precision in an annular gap between the stator and rotor which can be infinitely adjusted by changing the axial position of the stator. Particles are ground extremely finely. Most raw materials, aggregates and agglomerates can be processed in one pass through the mill Fristam FCM takes the colloid mill to the next level. The FCM’s innovative external gap adjustment lever allows changing the gap to produce more or less shear without moving the inlet or outlet ports or even pausing operation.

Reach sub-micron particle size

Flow rate up to 50 GPM

Quick turnaround: Save time between batches because you never have to open the mill between products

On the fly gap adjustment

CIP Clean-in-place without disassembly

Consistent particle size: Variable gap allows you to dial in the particle size you need for shelf stable emulsions

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